Strategic Planning

It is the stage of defining and formalizing the right strategies, goals and plans. Strategic planning guides and mobilizes the organization to achieve its vision in a proactive way, with flexibility to adapt to changes of scenario and respecting each company’s resources and reality. Thus, we start building the future. We lead the strategic planning process in companies and monitor the implementation of the resulting plan.

Brand Management

The brand is the company’s personality and therefore should be in the focus of management. In this process, we evaluate the structure and strength of the company’s brands, defining strengthening opportunities. The brand is able to communicate its objectives and proposals in a highlighted manner when compared to competitors.  Thereby, we build the desired image, connecting the company to customers and adding value to its outside perception.

Product Portfolio

The delivery of business value proposition materializes in the portfolio of available products and services. It is the longest form of relationship between company and customers, and also a cash flow generating factor for the organization. Good portfolio management is essential for the success of the business model. We use exclusive tools for strategic evaluation of products and services, ensuring their alignment with the proposed guidelines and identifying new opportunities.

People and processes

People are the heart of business; they run processes and give life to organizations. It is essential to focus on them and also on the organizational structure to conduct proceedings effectively, keeping a motivating environment that provides learning and growth to all collaborators.


Through innovation, companies should show competitive advantages that raise customers’ and consumers’ perception of value, with growing and sustainable business results. We value the culture, the organizational environment for innovation and the present and future challenges for the development of a customized process, considering the resources available. We support companies in the process implementation and management in search of competitive advantage.

Competitive advantages

The analysis of the business sector, organizational culture, and the challenges of business models and external business environment, regarding the tools we use, helps in the identification of the competitive advantages that allow the recognition of the company as unique within the industry sector. These advantages will be present in brand awareness and in the portfolio of products.

Research and Development Management

The efficient management of the research process and development of products and technologies enables a portfolio of products and services that meets business goals. Each company’s reality and strategic objectives represent the basis for defining the ideal process and structure for its implementation. We build the ideal process, define the optimal structure and support its implementation to achieve the necessary efficiency and improve the company’s competitiveness.